Minutes from June Meeting

BCCA Meeting June 27th, 2019

The meeting opened at 7:08 pm with approximately twenty-five members in attendance. Vice president Jim Harper led the assembly in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Councilman Eric Ulrich reported through Jim that the median on the Boulevard had been cleared through the efforts of his office, he also stated that in the coming fall there would be a resurfacing of Cross Bay Blvd from the North Channel Bridge to 5th Road and that Lisena Landscaping was to be commended for the beautification of the mall from 17th Road to 20th that was made possible by a recent grant.

Assemblywoman Stacey Amato reported through Jim that she is working to correct the new problem of making a left turn from the bridge plaza.

The street raising project is on schedule with restoration work almost complete on W 11th Rd, with W 12th to be completed by November. The residents of West 13th are requested to not be parked on this road on Monday morning to allow for planned work. Phase 2 of the project is going out for bid in August and work on West 14th should start in Spring 2020.

100 Precinct- Capt. Hall addressed the assembly, stating that he has been involved with the community for a year and Found broad channel to be a beautiful community with minimal complaints. He spoke on the increase in grand larceny in the Rockaways, mainly thefts of unattended properties in unlocked vehicles and urged all to be vigilant in locking their vehicles. He applauded the work of the neighborhood officers and stated that there would be additional personnel assigned to this area for the beach


Officer Richardson advised that the Speed camera on 6th Road and the Boulevard would be activated on The 11th of July. There was much discussion on traffic problems caused by MTA breakdowns and questions on the amount of CallaHead vehicles parked on the Boulevard and the problems they were creating for homeowners in that area by not being able to use their driveways, constant litter on the sidewalks causing them to incur fines, and causing many incidents with oncoming traffic. Capt. Hall advised that he had spoken to one of the owners and would contact them again.

At this time there was a question as to the lack of street cleaning after 6th Road posed by a member.

Senator Joe Addabbo advised the membership that he was instrumental in passing thirty-one bills in the Senate this year, and that the sunset clause protecting Jamaica Bay has been eliminated. He endorsed a bill requiring a moment of silence and discussion of the events of 9-11 be part of the schedule on that day in public schools. He advised that all Queens residents would not have to pay the Cross-Bay toll by April 2020 and

Treasurers Report- Tracey Harper

Civic – Historical- Old Civic-

$15,472.13 17,703.23 7,262.91

New York Rising Projects- No progress currently

stated that there would be a rain barrel event in St. Camillus on July 20th.

Parks Committee- John McCambridge stated that there would be a ribbon cutting seremony at 1p.m. at the 17th Rd. Park

Sunset Cove – will have a planting event on June 29th, volunteers are needed.
Eco-watchers- Dan Mundy Sr reported that the children of PS47 were the first to go out on the research vessel.

CB 14- John McCambridge reported that they passed the motion replacing the blacktop with turf at the Ballfield. There was much discussion on the Peninsula Hospital Redevelopment site.

Build it Back- Rudy Guiliani- After much discussion by irate residents, he advised that “Request for Review” must be filledout by anyone with complaints about Punch List issues. The forms can be downloaded online, google Build it Back- then Request for Review. A different contractor will be sent out.

New Business-

No Parking signs being erected on the north side of East 8th Road. Many residents are not happy with the lack of parking created by these signs. After much discussion, it was pointed out by a member that every road on the East side had had parking restricted because of the need for Emergency vehicle access.

A motion was made to adjourn by Pat Gross and seconded by Jim Harper.