A Publication of the Broad Channel Civic Association

September 2019                  Vol. 32 No. 9

                                  CIVIC ASSOCIATION MEETING    American Legion Hall–209

CrossBay Blvd. – 7:00 PM September 26, 2019

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President’s Message 

Hope everyone had a great Summer! The weather was certainly great during July and August. As usual in Broad Channel, the end of the Summer was marked by the Mardi Gras festivities and the Parade. The BCAC did an outstanding job with the Mardi Gras, which is a tremendous undertaking. A big THANK YOU to all who helped out! The Parade floats this year were really amazing and it was obvious that a lot of work went into creating them. It was great that the rain held off and we were all able to enjoy it. While the Civic Association did not meet during the summer, we have been extremely busy and below are some quick notes on what is going on and which we will discuss in greater detail at the meeting. 

The Civic Meeting will be held on Thursday, September 26th at 7 PM. It will NOT be held in the VFW Hall, but this particular meeting will be held at the American Legion Hallas we have quite a number of presentations that will generate interest and want to ensure adequate space. 

The big topic for this meeting will be the presentation by the School Construction Authority of the plan for a brand new school building for P.S. 47. This is an amazing opportunity that the Civic Association and the P.S. 47 Parents Association have been working on with Senator Adadbbo and Councilman Ulrich and which has suddenly been fast tracked due to their hard work, and a window of opportunity to get approved for inclusion in the current five- year school construction funding plan. We will have a full presentation followed by a Q & A after. 

As I write this on the Anniversary of 9/11, I want to thank Assemblywoman Amato and Senator Addabbo for their efforts to get the 9/11 bill in Albany passed. The Civic Association was involved in the original concept for this and due to their efforts there will now be a moment of silence in all schools in NY to recognize the significance of this day. 

Councilman Ulrich has procured major funding – (2.1 million dollars), to pave all of CrossBay Boulevard (both sides)from the Addabbo Bridge down to 6th Road. This area has not been paved in decades and it shows. With pot holes and depressions, the surface is in very bad condition and this will be a big improvement when completed. We will have time frames for completion at the Civic meeting. It will be great to have a new roadway leading into our town! 

On August 21st a ribbon cutting ceremony was held at the site of the new Sunset Cove Parkand the area looks great. Over the summer community volunteers came out to help plant the wetlands and many of our residents participated. The help was greatly appreciated and the volunteers, many who brought their children, all said it was a great experience. Phase two will be going out for bid soon and it will see a beautiful boardwalk built out over the wetlands, which will offer amazing views and an outdoor learning area. Borough President Melinda Katz has allocated an additional 2 million dollars for the construction of this boardwalk. She had previously allocated 1.2 million for the project which will be added to the $500,000 from NY Rising and the combined $300,000 from Assemblywoman Amato and Senator Addabbo. 

Immediately adjacent to Sunset Cove is the American Ballfields. The area that is blacktopped has no value to the park other than for the seagulls to break their shells on. The participatory budget committee, including Leo Chavanne and Jim Harper, had identified it for P.B. funding a few years ago. The problem was that once put to Parks for an estimate it came back at almost $600,000 to remove. This made it difficult as that amount of funding had not been procured. We are very excited to announce that not only will the blacktop be removed but that we will be getting a new turf baseball field in this location due to an additional three million dollars in funding that City Council Speaker Corey Johnson has agreed to earmark for this.Councilman Ulrich had approached Speaker Johnson to request that he consider funding this and the Speaker has allocated three million dollars in this current budget which will cover the full cost of blacktop removal and new ball field. This will be a huge asset as the fields are at a premium and this new field will be state of the art! 

The Civic Association has gone to an electronic format for our newsletter.There will no longer be a hard copy of our newsletter. We have a very simplified sign up format where all someone has to do is go to this link (which is up on our Facebook site) and enter their email and they are automatically signed up. The link is — 

Street Raising Phase -1is almost completed and at our last meeting at the Borough Presidents’ office we were told that all work including punch-lists would be completed by November. We expect to have a representative at the Civic meeting to give a report. 

Street Raising Phase -2is out for bid and we expect work to start on West 14th Road in late Spring 2020. ConEd and Verizon are out contacting homeowners now in anticipation of moving the poles in the Fall to be ahead of the actual work which would be an improvement in terms of time frame and impact compared to Phase 1. 

“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”—-Warren Buffet 

Respectfully submitted,—-Dan Mundy Jr. 

The Flag is flying in October for 

Thomas (Butchie) Monaghan, 

US Navy, Vietnam 


ST. VIRGILIUS SENIOR CITIZENSmeets every Thursday at 12:30 PM in the American Legion Hall, Broad Channel. 

CCD / RELIGIOUS EDUCATION PROGRAM:Classes have begun. Levels 1-3 & 7-1 meet on Tuesday afternoons from 3:30 PM to 5 PM at St. Camillus. Levels 4-8 meet on Wednesday Afternoons from 3:30 PM to 5 PM at St. Camillus. Call 718-634-8229 or visit our website at to register. Please do not delay. Every Catholic child who attends Public School is encouraged to enroll. There is no fee. 

INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL PROGRAM:Registration for the in-house intramural Basketball Program at St. Camillus Springman Hall is now underway. The Mini-Basketball Program (Kindergarten to Grade 3) play on Saturday mornings. Girls’ Intramural BB (Grades 4-8) play on Wednesday nights. Boys’ Intramural BB (Grades 4-8) play Wednesday & Thursday. Registration is $75.00 for the first child and $10for siblings. Games begin in November and end in Mid-February with Championship Games. Registration will take place in Springman Hall, 180 Beach 100 Street from 7 PM to 8:30PM on the following dates: Tuesday, September 24; Thursday, September 26 and Wednesday, October 2. Our CYO BOYS’ & GIRLS’ teams (grades 2-8) have begun practice. There are still a few roster spaces available. Ask to speak with Jill. 

CHRISTMAS BOUTIQUE:St. Camillus will hold a Christmas Boutique in Springman Hall of Saturday, December 14 and Sunday, December 15. Vendors are welcome. Please call 718-634-8229 for information. 

ST. VIRGILIUS PARISH CENTER UPDATE:Permits are being issued for the demolition of the two school buildings. Bids are being accepted for demolition and construction. Interested companies should contact Scott Press at Tobin Parnes Design, 233 Broadway, Suite 2440, NYC, NY 10279. Telephone: 212-462-4200. Bids are ready for release for demolition and construction. 

ST. VIRGILIUS NEW LIFE CHOIR: The Choir has begun practicing on Wednesday evenings at 7 PM in St. Virgilius Church. New members are most welcome. Come to rehearsal or speak with Doris Dady. 


Tickets Now Available for American Legion Auxiliary 7th Annual Halloween Party. Saturday, October 26th from 8-12AM. $25.00 per person, music by DJ @ Works, cash bar, prizes for best costumes. 50/50’s. For tickets call: Carol @ 

917-930-0546, Janet @ 718-483-3811 or Margaret Mary @ 917-751-3698. Proceeds to further Veterans Programs. Reserve you table now! 


Information for this column was adapted from material provided by the late Joe Carey. 

The Broad Channel station of the Long Island Rail Road was built on filled in ground on the east side of the island and extended from 6th Road to 8th Road. Hotels and dance pavilions that were built on both sides of the tracks made the area the entertainment center of town. At the southern end of the station was a baggage house, while on the northern end were a switch and a freight car siding capable of handling five cars. (On the siding site today stands the subway power substation.) The waiting room for the Rockaway bound passengers was located in the center of the station at Noel Road. Also situated here was the two-flight wooden bridge that spanned the tracks providing crossover to the New York bound tracks and another waiting room. At the extreme southern end of the station was a wooden board for crossing under the tracks at low tide. Later, this walkway would be replaced with a walled, concrete enclosure which could be used at any tide. The only drawback was that it had to be drained after a heavy rain. On the New York bound side of the station were three hotels, the Broad Channel Yacht Club, and five bungalows. During Prohibition, the Atlantic Hotel, the Enterprise Hotel, and the Delevan House served alcoholic beverages and meals, especially family Sunday dinners. The Atlantic Hotel, operated by John Lorenz, was an active establishment right up to the 1940s and did a brisk family business on weekends. The Enterprise, a two-story structure, was more or less populated by fishermen, both local and otherwise. The Delevan House, consisting of three buildings on pilings over the bay, was run by Lulu Benzinger and her nieces who spent the summer in Broad Channel waiting on tables. Being situated in the station proper, it was entered from the station area, into the bar which contained a soda fountain. The Delevan House had a large deck area with a kiosk and a ramp leading to a float used as a landing area for unloading supplies from Rockaway. One of its buildings contained a pool table and a coin-operated mechanical bowling alley. The Broad Channel Yacht Club, similar in structure to the present day Anabas Boat Club, was a very active organization, conducting annual power boat regattas and participating in skeet shooting competitions on its own range. 

Broad Channel Civic Association               

President ——————— Dan Mundy Jr.      Vice President —————— James Harper 

Treasurer ———————- Tracey Harper      Recording Secretary ——— Kathleen Lawless 

Corresponding Secretary —- Kat Lawless        Sergeant at Arms ————- Leo Chevanne 

Trustees ————————- Dan Mundy Sr., 

John McCambridge

Material for the next newsletter is due by Oct. 10th.

September 12 2019

September 26thCivic Meeting Agenda

  1. Report from Elected Officials
  2. Report from NYPD
  3. Update on Street Raising Project Phase 1
  4. Presentation By School Construction Authority on New School Building for PS 47
  5. HPD Update on the YEP (Yard Expansion Program) 
  6. Build it Back Update –Rudy Giuliani

We will be  holding  this meeting at 7pm at the American Legion hall ( change from our normal location at the vfw) 
 We have a very full agenda and will start promptly  at 7 pm 


May’s President’s Message

The May Civic meeting will be held on Thursday, May 23rd at 7PM at the VFW Hall.

The Civic Association has met this past week with members of the NY Rising Board and representatives from the Governor’s office to identify delays with the NY Rising projects and to seek ways to move forward the five projects that have been approved and designed. Assemblywoman Amato, Senator Addabbo and Dan Brown from Melinda Katz office have been extremely helpful in making this meeting happen and in demanding timelines and accountability from the program. We will give an update on the projects at the Civic Meeting.

The Jamaica Bay Task Force meeting held on May 9th was very successful. The meeting was well attended, and the presentations were extremely informative and covered a range of different topics all affecting Jamaica Bay. We are experiencing a number of very positive developments and project’s that are all having a very positive impact on Jamaica Bay. If you were unable to attend the meeting …..